Sunday, November 05, 2006

How to Win Poker Tournaments Online

With so many online poker websites now readily available for the general internet public I am sure they are mnay of us out there who are trying to make a quick buck and not just settling for the "free" poker rooms. The big question though is how do you win, especially if you have never done so before?

How to Win Poker Tournaments Online

Are you sick of losing when you play online poker? Do you know and feel that you should be winning? Are you having trouble understanding why you are not winning more tournaments? I am going to give you a simple formula to show you how to win poker tournaments online.

First, you need to be playing at a poker site that is not able to be hacked easily by the players that like to cheat. Yes, this happen, and more than you think. Players will use a hack to get into the software and it will allow them to see all the hands at the table so that they know when to play and when not to play.

It doesn't seem fair does it? There are three major sites that have pretty strong protection against this. They are: Ultimate Bet Poker(my favorite), Bodog Poker, and Party Poker. These three have the best protection and are the only places I play.

The second thing you need to learn is patience. This is the most important part of the formula. Learn to be patient and wait for the right hands. This will win you more poker tournaments than anything else I can tell you. Wait for prime hands and, then make your move.

The last tip I have for you is to stop doing other things while you are playing. Stop multi tasking during tournaments. Watch the table and the other players. Figure out what they are playing and how they are betting. This will give you an idea of how weak they are or how easy it would be to bluff them.

Use these tips to improve your play and you will start making it to the money more and winning more. There is no way you are going to win every tournament. Sometime you lucky and sometimes you don't, but these tips will help you give yourself more chances to become lucky.

You have it all there, a quick guide to winning online poker tournaments I think its time you get off your butt and start making some quick bucks, who knows I could see you next on the world porker challange...

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